South Park Theme Song Lyrics

Song Credits:
Song: South Park Theme
Primus: Produced by Matt Stone, Trey Parker & Les Claypool
Album: Chef Aid: The South Park Album

South Park Theme Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: Les Claypool & Stan and Kyle]
I’m going down to South Park
Gonna have myself a time
Friendly faces everywhere
Humble folks without temptation

[Verse 2: Les Claypool & Cartman]
Going down to South Park
Gonna leave my woes behind
Ample parking, day or night
People spouting, “Howdy, neighbor!”

[Verse 3: Les Claypool & Kenny]
Heading on up to South Park
Gonna see if I can’t unwind
I like girls with big fat titties
I like girls with big vaginas

[Verse 4: Les Claypool]
So come on down to South Park
And meet some friends of mine

About South Park Theme Song Lyrics

In Season One, the instrumental was initially developed with a somewhat calmer guitar and a more conspicuous trumpet. Up until “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig”, this variant was utilized. In “Death”, the trumpet was calmed and the guitar was made stronger. In “Pinkeye”, the introduction was changed to incorporate frightful Halloween sounds. For the remainder of the show until “4th Grade”, the instrumental with the conspicuous guitar was used, with minor however observable changes made beginning with Season Three.

Likewise in Season Three, the young men’s vocals were changed; Kyle Broflovski’s voice stood apart more in his and Stan Marsh’s lines, and Eric Cartman’s voice was refreshed. Furthermore, Kenny McCormick’s line was totally changed, with the substitution of his lines and a higher pitch.

Throughout the span of the arrangement, certain verses have been changed, including a whole stanza, initially sung by Kenny McCormick, sung by Timmy Burch in the Season Six introduction because of Kenny’s impermanent demise in the Season Five scene “Kenny Dies”. From the scene “4th Grade”, to “Kenny Dies”, a hip-jump adaptation of the melody was utilized, which was remixed by Paul Robb. A short time later, they utilized a country remix of the melody until mid-Season Ten, where the first tune was remixed with “Whamola” by Les Claypool and his gathering, The Frog Brigade, from their collection, Purple Onion.

At the point when Comedy Central began circulating reruns of more established scenes, the initial subject had returned to the manner in which it was during Season Three, with the expansion of a few ongoing characters.

For the extraordinary “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”, another signature tune was made explicitly for the scene. The verses were adjusted to fit the character of the characters.

Beginning from “4th Grade” up until Season Seventeen, the signature tune showed different clasps from past scenes as the music played.

From Season Six up until mid-Season Ten, as clasps from various scenes played, the signature tune showed movement chief Eric Stough planning the young men with development paper, an activity method that was utilized for the absolute first scene, “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”.

From Season Seventeen and onwards, a 3D PC energized rendition of the introduction is utilized, and it comprises of the transport driver driving past different South Park areas as the young men sing their lines, looking like the first Season One-Four introduction in numerous regards, except for the 3D liveliness and “Whamola” instrumental.

In the scene “Children A Witches”, the signature tune was changed with numerous Halloween-themed components added.

In Season Twenty-Three, a totally different Tegridy Farms introduction dependent on the introduction of Green Acres, sung by Randy Marsh, is utilized, supplanting the typical opening subject since the last 50% of Season Ten. The clasps from the introduction contain different scenes from the season’s scenes. The end topic holds something similar, however it highlights Randy Marsh scatting “Tegridy Farms” over the tune. The introduction was just utilized for the initial 6 scenes of the period.

In the scene “Tegridy Farms Halloween Special, the introduction was adjusted with numerous Halloween-themed components added . a few lines were even modified

The scene “Board Girls” includes a PC Babies introduction to correspond with the storyline, yet at the same time kept Randy Marsh’s “Tegridy Farms” scat during the consummation.

“Piece of poop Burglars” includes a funk remix of the show’s signature tune for the One For The Ladies show which sang by the female individuals from the show with the host declaring the title. This scene brought back the first instrumental consummation subject without Randy Marsh’s “Tegridy Farms” scat over the tune as it was in the past seasons.

“Digital TV” includes a James Bond-motivated signature tune for the Scott Malkinson Show, which had a James Bond styled movement highlighting Scott Malkinson.

The shows typical topic from the last 50% of Season Ten returns for the lone time in the twenty-third season in the finale “Christmas Snow”.

There are a couple of scenes that have an interesting introduction. “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo” begins with a virus open of the school ensemble singing “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”. “Pip” starts with a surprisingly realistic presentation from Malcolm McDowell. “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics” starts with a spoof of the 1970 Christmas unique “Santa Clause Claus is Coming to Town.”

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Song Credits:
Song: South Park Theme
Primus: Produced by Matt Stone, Trey Parker & Les Claypool
Album: Chef Aid: The South Park Album

South Park Theme Song Lyrics